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A single employee’s security risk can greatly impact your entire network. One bad email, one malicious download, or one lost laptop could easily lead to the end of your business. That’s why security at the user-level must be your first line of defense.

With Orbis' Endpoint Security Service, you get malware prevention software plus full-disk encryption to keep your end-users safe. Our solution comes with effortless deployment and management, real-time protection, and comprehensive reporting from our expert security engineers.

Our Team:

  • Sets up the malware protection and configuration
  • Monitors and reviews quarantined items in real time
  • Uses artificial intelligence and machine learning instead of signature-based solutions
  • Sets up new end users and configures policies
  • Deploys full-disk encryption using Windows BitLocker and Mac File Vault
  • Meets HIPAA compliance mandates with audit reports and logs