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Managed Cyber Security Services


Cybersecurity can be a significant burden on your business—but it doesn’t have to be. That’s why we created our suite of Managed Security Services to keep your network secure and your budget in-check. Our lineup of services allows you to leverage the best technology available, while receiving expert configuration and support. No matter the size of business or the industry you’re in, our cybersecurity services are a valuable tool for keeping you safe and secure.

Cybersecurity is not just one thing we do—it’s all we do. Let us worry about cybersecurity so you don’t have to!



Email is the quickest and easiest way for a hacker to attack your organization. Orbis' email security platform secures your organization’s internal and external communications using a combination of anti-virus, anti-spam, sandboxing, and email encryption to detect malicious or unwanted content and keep it out of your end-users’ inboxes. We also provide phishing testing and training services to help your users identify and avoid phishing emails if they make it through the other lines of defense.  LEARN MORE>>



A single employee’s security risk can greatly impact your entire network. One bad email, one malicious download, or one lost laptop could easily lead to the end of your business. That’s why security at the user-level must be your first line of defense.

With Orbis' Endpoint Security Service, you get malware prevention software plus full-disk encryption to keep your end-users safe. Our solution comes with effortless deployment and management, real-time protection, and comprehensive reporting from our expert security engineers.  LEARN MORE>>



Every day, millions of logs are generated in your network, from individual user activity to firewall and server logs. Managing and reviewing these logs are vital steps to keeping your network secure, but do you have time to look through millions of logs each day?

Orbis' Detection and Response service combines a Log Analysis service to analyze your network logs in real time, and an Endpoint Detection solution that actively discovers signs of an attack, so you can be confident that you’ll be alerted of threats when it matters.  LEARN MORE>>



Good security starts with a strong perimeter. Do you know if your firewall is properly configured to protect you against incoming threats? The days of ‘set-it-and-forget-it’ firewalls are long gone. Today, policies need updating, traffic needs monitoring, and hardware needs patching.

With Orbis’ team behind your perimeter security, you receive expert configuration, worry-free maintenance, and 24x7 support, so you can rest assured that you’re secure.  LEARN MORE>>



Cybersecurity is everyone’s responsibility. End users are the biggest risk to your network, and the best solution is to train them.

With a Managed Phishing and Security Awareness Training program in place, you can actually see the open rates of phishing emails within your company.

Our Managed Phishing & Security Awareness Training service provides frequent training and testing for your employees. Our phishing emails are sophisticated and realistic – resembling the phishing emails that are really out there. For example: outstanding invoices, Linkedin notifications, or IT telling users to change their password. Your employees need to know how to spot the signs of phishing emails so they can avoid them and report them.  LEARN MORE>> 



Vulnerability management is a process, not a tool. It’s one thing to scan your network for risks, but another to create a plan and take action on those risks.

Orbis' Vulnerability Management Service combines the essential technology with a responsive team of security experts to act upon threats. With our service, you will be able to see the threats you face both inside and outside of your network.

Let our team become an extension of your organization’s IT staff. LEARN MORE>>