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Fixed Wireless Install

Fixed Wireless

Secure, Fast & Dedicated

Point-to-point wireless networks have been the connectivity choice for telecom carriers, corporate organizations, and government authorities for many years.  Where line-of-sight exists between two points, a point-to-point wireless bridge can be set-up and installed with minimum disruption.

These networks offer high speed, high availability over large connection distances, and can be relied upon to carry voice and data traffic in a number of bandwidth-intensive applications.

A point-to-point network is often used at the municipal level for the wireless backhaul for CCTV connectivity and allows police, fire departments, and other city employees to do certain aspects of their jobs remotely.

Orbis Solutions has a team of wireless networking technicians with experience designing and installing large projects while also taking care of upgrades, maintenance, and break-fix emergencies.


Why Fixed Wireless?

At a Glance


Fixed wireless takes security to the next level by allowing your company or organization to operate on it's own private network across multiple locations. Keeping your staff off public or shared networks.


The network created by a Fixed Wireless system is dedicated and private to your company only. This means no sharing of resources with others in your building or network cluster.


Because the Fixed Wireless network is able to be dedicated to just your company or organization the available bandwidth can be fully available to you. With speeds up to 1 gbps you will have a blazing fast connection.

Rapid Deployment

What really sets Fixed Wireless networks apart is the ability to rapidly deploy them. These networks remove the need for ground based cable systems that require permits and digging. As a result you can be up and running much faster.


We have our own in-house Tower Crew

  • Project estimates turned around quickly
  • We are the installer. No middle men.
  • Knowledgeable reps who are also on-site techs
  • Rapid deployment installations
  • We install & provide support
  • Quick deploy response team in case of issue

CASE STUDY: City of Burr Ridge, IL

Orbis Solutions has provided the Village of Burr Ridge, Illinois with IT support for over 15 years, managing many aspects of IT from help desk support and day‐to‐day troubleshooting to servers and cyber security.

Orbis also designed and actively maintains the Village’s point-to-point network that is used for the wireless backhaul for their Neighborhood Surveillance Program. This project connects over 70 surveillance cameras installed by local homeowners associations to a server at Village Hall. From there, police officers utilize the network to get instant access to camera footage in every squad car and every computer in the police station.


The Problem: After a direct hit by a tornado, the Village’s point-to-point network backbone between water towers was down. Orbis Solutions was dispatched to determine the problem and find a solution. Unfortunately, they discovered key equipment at the top of the tower was catastrophically damaged.

The Resolution: Orbis worked with the Village and the third-party carriers that shared space on the tower to coordinate the decommission of the old equipment. Orbis also worked with a fabricator to manufacture new mounts.

The replacement infrastructure and equipment was installed and tested. Orbis also upgraded the endpoints connecting back to the point to multipoint wireless supporting the Village’s HOA camera system.

We can help design, install & support your Fixed Wireless Network