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Work Safely - While Away From The Office

You network and remote computers host all of your company's valuable data, resources and information. With the rash of cyber attacks, phishing, network intrusion and the like, it is important to protect the connection between remote computers and your network. For years standard tools against attacks have come in the form of VPNs, Firewalls, SSL and so on.

While all of those products still can play a role, they are all susceptible to attack and are old technologies that have been a patchwork of security over the years. 

The future is Tempered Networks' new Airwall. What is Airwall? Simply, it makes you disappear on the internet. If you're not visible, you can't be attacked. This networking solution is total invisibility and total network security at any scale. It is the perfect solution for companies who want to protect their valuable data and critical for the new world of work from home employees. 


Benefits of Airwall #WFH Solution:

  • Enable secure remote access in minutes — not days or weeks
  • Maintain PCI, HIPAA, and NIST compliance
  • Automate network revocation
  • Protect sensitive data and intellectual property
  • Lower cyber risk with multi-factor authentication (MFA) and zero trust network access (ZTNA)

Work From Home Safely  #WFH 

Covid-19 virus, many IT teams are struggling to manage remote access to secure corporate assets. Traditional VPNs are being stretched to the limit, and this is hindering teams from ensuring remote employees and vendors are able to effectively work.

The security best practice of segmenting user  segmented Remote Access access is incredibly difficult for existing VPN technologies. With VPNs, security stops at the edge of a network instead of at the individual host or service. A patchwork of VLANs, ACLs, routing rules, firewall policies, and more are applied – which become increasingly complex to maintain.

Because of this, VPNs are not scalable, are prone to human error, can be a compliance risk, and disrupt our organization’s security posture.

A better way forward Tempered Networks Airwall Solution ensures secure, encrypted access from anywhere in the world over devices. Provide remote access to company resources for employees, vendors, and contractors, while ensuring PCI, HIPAA, and NIST Compliance.

Furthermore, the Airwall Solution reduces the time required to connect or revoke access to the network, even when thousands of devices and systems need to be managed. Whether it’s five hundred or five thousand remote workers, we can spin up a secure, scalable solution in minutes. Unlike VPNs that lack segmentation once authenticated and inside the network, the Airwall Solution only allows secure access to its mutually authenticated and authorized machines. You can create user groups that are invisible to others — even from clients that have valid user credentials — eliminating breaches or unauthorized lateral network movement.


We are an authorized Tempered Networks Airwall installer and can help protect your network, your data and your company.