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Robust Wireless Internet

Strong, reliable wireless keeps you connected to the things that matter.


Whether a residential or commercial client, your wireless internet connection is your connection to the world. Communication, email, files, databases, entertainment content, internet connected devices and security systems all rely on a solid and strong internet connection. Since nearly all of our devices that connect to the internet are now wireless. What good is having all of your data in the cloud, or your home/office connected to a network if that connection is unreliable and slow? Poor wireless internet is a major burden in a residential setting and can results in massive productivity loss in the workplace.

We implement the Ubiquiti line of products to create robust best-in-class wireless internet solutions. With a system that can handle large numbers of connected devices, heavy data throughput and a smart system that keeps devices connected even as they move about the home or office. No more dead zones, dropped connections or slow transfer speeds.

All of this hardware is coupled with a massively powerful software suite which enables Orbis IT Solutions to setup your wireless connect to handle anything that is thrown at it.