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93% of malware is delivered via email, which makes end users the biggest risk to your network! All it takes is one bad email with an attachment or link to a malicious download for a single user to put your entire network at risk. As hackers become more sophisticated, it’s important to provide employee training for identifying cyber security threats.
Phishing emails are always evolving and they come in various formats such as outstanding invoices, Linkedin notifications, or an internal IT Department asking users to change their password. We’ll train your employees to spot the signs of phishing emails.

How it works:

1. We send phishing emails to your users at random intervals over a determined period of time. Test emails resemble real-life phishing emails.

2. If the user falls for the phishing email by clicking the link or downloading a file, the user is automatically enrolled in security training modules so they can learn about what they missed and how to avoid future phishing attacks. Users are enrolled in custom training modules based on their department and job function.

3. Receive reporting on the open rates of phishing emails within your company.

After the initial testing and subsequent training is completed, your company’s phish prone rate will start to decrease.

Phishing Training