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Lighting Control

Control, convenience, energy savings, comfort and style are all things that modern lighting control can bring to your residential or commercial space.


Conserve Energy, Control Every Element

Save money on your monthly bills, increase comfort, enhance the look of your space and get control of your home in ways you've only dreamt about. Residential lighting control systems have seen massive performance and usability gains in the past decade. Wireless control from handheld units such as phones and tablets has revolutionized the options. Want to turn on your porch light while you're out of time? It's as easy as a couple clicks.

Go green by better managing energy usage yet still create an awesome look throughout your home with pre-programmed scenes and lighting styles. Modern LED lights coupled with smart controls systems such as the ones offered by Vantage Controls and Lutron allow a nearly infinite level of fine tuning. Talk with Orbis today about your new construction or retrofit project.


Save Money and Meet LEED
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Nearly 40% of an office building's energy use is through lighting. By controlling and actively managing this energy use, businesses can make large gains in cost cutting. And while saving money is important, there are many other benefits of lighting control in the workplace. Worker productivity increases, overall comfort increases, certifications such as LEED can be met and the overall appearance of the space can be greatly enhanced. What's better is with today's modern systems most all of this can be wirelessly controlled with a handheld device such as a tablet. Talk with Orbis about estimating your new or retrofit project.